UVELE · Online Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language

UVELE is a program that offers online Spanish courses, designed to encourage and help students learn a language spoken by more than 400 million people all over the world.

UVELE online platform combines different tools, such as video conferences, forums email, videos and interactive activities. Students will be able to access the platform at the most suitable time for them.


Course organization

UVELE program includes a friendly and dynamic online platform and is organized into four Levels and one Writing Workshop.


    Low Intermediate
    High Intermediate
Writing Workshop

The duration of each level is 16 weeks and every level requires 140 hours of study.

Placement test
Find out your Spanish level in a few minutes.

Exams and Certificates

Each level includes regular evaluations and two exams: a midterm exam and a comprehensive final exam. 
Students who pass the final exam receive an official certificate issued by Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, in which the Spanish level attained and the course mark are specified.

Student Regulations
Click here to download the Students Regulations.


In each level, online teachers will regularly guide and test students work. All UVELE teachers are specialized in distance learning methods for languages teaching.

Teaching Staff
     Carolina Camozzi, Licenciate
     María Ursula Castro Alonso, Licenciate
     María Eugenia Destefanis, Licenciate
English Version   English Version
Spanish as a Foreign Language

Academic Coordinator
Gloria Peirano, Licenciate